"Take my hand, let me walk with you"

Take my hand

Who We Are

The Mali Langa Children's Foundation Trust is a non-profit organisation extending a helping hand to children in need. Business woman and philanthropist Mali Langa is embarking on a journey that aims to leave a lasting footprint in the lives of children through identifying deserving organisations and homes, and providing much needed support.

Let us walk together, hand in hand, towards a brighter tomorrow.

Mali Langa Children's Foundation
The Mali Langa Children's Foundation Trust is focussed on lending a helping hand to underprivileged young children through identifying their most dire needs. The fund focuses on putting a smile on the faces of kids, but also supplying them with the tools they need for school, in addition to finding deserving candidates to whom bursaries will be rewarded. A special focus is placed on young girls and sponsoring sanitary ware.